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Corporate office

Phone                                      Email Address                                 Hours of Operation
305 362 7926                           Mon-Fri: 9am - 5:00pm ET
Madelin Estrella                                                                                                           


President of South Florida Division

Phone                                      Email Address:                                 Hours of Operation

305 305 4143                             Mon-Fri:  2pm - 5:00pm ET
Frank Garay 

President of Central Florida Division

Phone                                    Email Address:                                  Hours of Operation

  239 229 3189                           Mon-Fri:  2pm - 5:00pm ET
Miguel Garay

New Bearings Inc. Land Surveying Company Main Office
4121 NW 25th Street 2nd Floor Miami, Fl 33142 Office: 305-362-7926 Fax: 305-492-1717
Registered Professional Land Surveyors
Miguel Garay L.S. Florida 6592 Miguel J. Garay L.S. Florida

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